Questions for Bloggers and Members of Reading Groups/Book Clubs

Use any of these questions as a springboard for discussion with others or for feedback to us on our blog.

1. Is this the first collaborative novel you’ve ever read?

2. Comment on your reading experience of this collaborative novel. Were you intrigued?

3. How does reading this collective novel differ from a reading of a collection of short stories?

4. Which character(s) and chapter(s) stood out for you and why?

5. Did you anticipate which character would be the one involved in the mishap?

6. Were the two endings a satisfactory conclusion to the novel? Was one more satisfying than the other? If so, why?

7. If you had written the ending, which character would you have chosen to be ‘the one’ who went over the edge? Why that character?

8. Would you have preferred to know which contributor wrote each chapter? Why?

9. Did you speculate about the identity of the author of each chapter? If so, tell us your speculations.

10. The author of one of the chapters in the body of the novel also wrote one of the endings. Can you identify the chapter and the ending written by this one author?

11. There are chapters written by two authors working together to create a single story. Can you identify the two chapters that were co-written?

12. This novel tests the boundaries of conventional narrative form. What aspects of this innovation worked for you?

Community Engagements and Speaking Events

Marjorie Anderson and Deborah Schnitzer are experienced, engaging presenters and facilitators. Through Unlimited Editions (UE), they offer a variety of presentations and workshops:

PRESENTATIONS for Communities/Clubs/Organizations

WORKSHOPS for Writers

UE workshops take storytellers through the writing process and provide them with the creative tools needed to share their voices with a wider audience. This interactive program is suitable for those at all levels of writing experience—from emerging writers who need help in developing story ideas, to advanced writers wanting specific instruction on perfecting their work or looking for options and insight into the publishing world.

Workshops are custom-designed and may be combined with community readings of At the Edge and book sales. The fees for a workshop depend on content and length.

OPPORTUNITIES for Reading Groups