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Collaborative Process up to Call for Final Chapter

Storyline of the Novel-In-Progress (NIP)


Requirements for the Last Chapter

Last Chapter

The final chapter will reveal which character in the NIP went over the edge and is lying at the bottom of the construction hole "broken, lifeless." Choose which character goes over the edge and, in approximately 6000 words, create a conclusion to the NIP by focusing on...

Whichever scenario a writer chooses, we are looking for a final chapter that sheds new light and intrigue on what has already been revealed about the character and also offers a stunning conclusion to the suspense inherent in the NIP.

How To Register Your Intention To Send In A Final Chapter

Complete the Intention to Submit Form, send it to, pay the nominal administrative fee using the PayPal button below (or by sending a cheque to the address on the Contact page), and we will send you the PDF of the NIP. Then you'll have all you need to create a wonderful ending to this first-ever Canadian collaborative novel.

The registration deadline is June 30, 2012.

**November update on the collaborative novel project from the project co-ordinators**

Marjorie and Debbie selecting Here we are taking a picture break after completing the final selection of chapters from the short list generated by the selection committee. This has been both a thrilling and a daunting task. There were, we are delighted to say, an overabundance of chapters that would have been suitable for the book. The daunting part was to pare those down and choose the number we can accommodate in the novel. That necessitated looking at variety in tone, style and subject matter, and sometimes choosing one of two, or two of five that were similar in those areas. A few sleepless nights, many hours of discussion and we arrived at a final roster that delights us greatly--and will delight readers, we anticipate. Writers come from across Canada and from two European countries, so we’re happy with the writerly territory covered.

Huge beams of gratitude to all the writers who had faith in this project and spent hours of creative labour on turning out inventive stories on our topic. We believe that no creative effort is ever wasted and hope that those chapters we weren’t able to use will be redesigned for other purposes and embraced in other publications. And do remember that there is another chance of being part of this collaborative venture when we put out a Call for Submissions of a final chapter. That will be open to all writers, including those who submitted chapters for the Novel-in-Progress. So please, keep your eyes on this website for the Call.

Writers whose chapters have been selected will hear from us before December 1st--ahead of schedule no less! Then begins the fun of editing, revising and shaping, all of which we consider a creative dance between writers and editors.

Thank you all for making this dance a joyous one.

Marjorie & Deborah

Marjorie and Debbie at work

**October update on the collaborative novel project from the project co-ordinators**

We are delighted with the number of the national and international submissions that have come in. The project administrator is assigning numbers to the chapter submissions and removing the author identifying information. After that, we on the selection committee will have access to your novelistic creations and will happily read them all, consider and then consider some more, and finally make our selections. We will contact the authors of the selected chapters by this December 7.

We want to thank everyone who has taken creative time for this project. Included here is a picture of us during one of our creative times -- working together on the first chapter of the book.

Warm wishes,
Marjorie and Deborah

At the Edge Project

March 2011, Original Call for Submissions for At the Edge

Two members of the Dropped Threads creative team and two of Canada's internationally acclaimed writers team up to provide another collaborative opportunity for writers across Canada and internationally...

The Concept

Concept The idea for this boundary-expanding creation began when a writer of our acquaintance remarked that writing a novel was a lonely task. We knew enough about novel writing to understand the validity of her comment; and yet, we had both experienced the burst of creative energy that led to the popular Dropped Threads anthologies of personal essays and also knew of the exhilaration of being part of a collective book. Surely that energy wasn’t genre specific. Why not a collective novel? We asked ourselves this first, and then put the query to others, both writers and readers. When two of Canada’s award-winning novelists agreed to take part in the collaboration, we knew we had the creative ferment needed to begin a transformation of the genre.

We invite writers to consider this unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with us and these two novelists in a new creative space. Below is a description of the Novel’s format and an indication of how writers can submit chapters for consideration:

The Format of At the Edge


The Dramatic Incident

Dramatic Incident

The Process and Next Steps

The Process

Writers' Choices

The Process

STEP 1 - Register the intention to submit a chapter:

The project coordinators may need to limit the number of chapters that can be reasonably considered in the time allotted. In order to reserve a slot and a guarantee of consideration for the chapter sent in, each writer will need to complete the Registration of Intention form and send it, along with a $20 registration fee, no later than June 7, 2011.

The form may be emailed to OR mailed to the address on our Contact page. The fee can be paid by cheque to Unlimited Editions and mailed to the address on our Contact page OR by PayPal/credit card.

STEP 2 - Receive details of the Novel’s common elements:

Once the writer has registered an intention to submit and has been guaranteed a slot for consideration, the writer will have access to the complete details of circumstances and setting needed to write an integrated chapter. This Project Outline document will be in the form of a PDF file sent out to the qualifying writers. The completed chapters will be due no later than September 7, 2011.

Next Steps


The selection of the chapters for the Novel will be done according to a blind process. The completed submissions are to be sent to Unlimited Editions (UE) at, with all identifying information about the author restricted to a separate Author Identification Sheet. The project administrator will keep the Sheets, and the selection committee, led by the project coordinators, will not have access to the writers’ identifying information until after the chapters have been chosen. The selection will be completed by December 7, 2011 and the qualifying writers will be notified by that date.

Editing and Revision Process:

The writer of each selected chapter will be expected to work with the project coordinators on any revisions necessary to get the chapter to a final polished form and to be consistent in common details with the other chapters. As there will be a limited amount of time to complete the revisions, writers will need to be able to work on the process between December 7, 2011 and March 7, 2012.


We intend to have three different versions of the Novel:

Author Identification:

In order for the written contributions to be read as chapters of a novel and not as short stories, writers’ names will not be attached to the chapters they write. The names of all contributors to the novel will appear on the front cover of the book and on a list inside the book.


UE will retain world rights to the book, and contributing writers will retain copyright of their own chapters.


Writers whose chapters are chosen to be part of the Novel will receive an equal share of 50% of the net proceeds from the book.

Come join us in this genre-expanding venture. Take the first step towards qualifying by registering.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: